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From fear to hurricane

Right away he made me face fears and insecurities that I thought were gone a long time ago. He didn’t know, although I still think he could read my soul with those crystal eyes, but from the moment I saw him standing at that door, I knew I was in trouble. That nothing would ever be the same.

And with that I found out a new side of myself: the one who’s afraid to connect. And that’s really weird, coming from a person who chose communications as a profession and have the people in her life as her most valuable possession.

Saying that fear paralyzes us is very cliché. But realizing that while it happens can be scary as hell. To understand that that uncomfortable feeling comes from fear and having to act within a fraction of a second is challenging and requires a lot of strength. Then, the journey to the soul, the observation and self-questioning are the pillars to understand the fear’s origin, what it causes and how to face it.

We cannot accept little, nor give little – said a friend.

And after a lot of analysis and thinking, I looked fear in the eyes and decides I want to be like a hurricane.  No more fearing what lies ahead. That passes through in the blink of an eye, but instead of destroying everything that’s on its way, I want to leave good memories, adventures and moments that may be fun or even cathartic. The world may not be ending in 6 months like in No Tomorrow, but the thing is that we never know when it’s gonna be our last breath. Then why not enjoy every experience and emotion? If I already was naturally intense and my journey has taught me that being human means allowing yourself to feel and act by this feeling, today this decision is even stronger. Connecting makes me human. The connection is necessary, but to worry about its depth isn’t. At all. Some connections are deep and will remain for a long time. Others are fast, fleeting, but exactly what we need at that moment.

I want to be the type of person with a free spirit and a light soul… And there’s no room for fear in this equation. Because aside all that, I want that Jesus’s character can be seen through me. Yep, not only in me, but through me. In everything I am and do. I want that when people look at me they find love, comfort, safety, acceptance and the kindness we find in Him.